New Phone System


We are so pleased to finally be able to share the date our new phone system will start working.This will start to ‘go-live’ from 10am on Monday 11 December 2023.We would loved to have shared this with you before but there have been some infrastructure issues we have had to work around.The phone number for the surgery will not change, you will still call us on 01903 742942.We are very confident that the new system will be more reliable and we do not believe that patients will get cut off anymore.If you find yourself at number 11 or higher in the queue you will be able to request that your place is held and we will call you back when you get to the front of the queue.There will be other benefits that are brought in once we are sure the new system is stable and working as planned.As usual, please share this message with anyone who may not see it online.