Routine appointments

Please call the surgery on 01903 742942 to book an appointment.

It helps us enormously if you telephone as soon as possible after the lines are open at 8.30 am. There are no restrictions in booking ahead. We do restrict some appointments on Monday mornings, as we are not open at the weekend and after a Bank Holiday.

Chaperone Policy

Chaperone Policy

Urgent appointments

Same day appointments are available but generally these are for urgent need on the day only.

Cancelling your appointment

If you cannot attend your given appointment please call us on 01903742942 to cancel or reschedule These slots then can be put to good use and offered to another patient, allowing the doctors and nurses to reduce any backlog of patients and reduce waiting times.

Please think of others when you can no longer attend or need a scheduled appointment. You can also cancel appointments on your NHS App/Online records provider if you are registered for this service. If you receive the text message reminders and wish to cancel then text back with cancel and then the system will automatically cancel your appointment.


Consult with a Doctor online

If you already have access to prescriptions on line, in most cases, you should also be able to book/amend an appointment on line. (Slots available 09:00 – 09:10 and 17:50 – 18:00, Tuesday to Friday, with your registered Doctor.

If you find you do not have access to appointments please call into the surgery and we will either add access, if you already have on line prescriptions, or request that you come in to the surgery to register, and then we can complete the process.

Access to either on line prescriptions or on line appointments is made via or NHS App if you are registered.

Alternatively you can contact a Doctor online using our online triage system, called eConsult.

Extended access

Enhanced Access is a service introduced by the NHS in October 2022.

It requires GP practices to provide additional appointments to patients during evenings and weekends; until 8pm on weekdays, and from 9am-5pm on Saturdays as a minimum.

This is being delivered at PCN-level, meaning neighbouring GP practices in Chanctonbury have shared use of the service (Billingshurst surgery, Henfield Medical Centre, The Glebe Surgery and Steyning Health Centre).

Depending on your specific needs and the availability of services and clinicians, your practice may offer you an evening or weekend appointment at our enhanced access hub.

A mix of services will be available within these additional hours hubs, with access to the range of health professionals working in the primary care team. There will be a choice of ways to access appointments depending on clinical need, such as telephone, video consultation or face to face.

If a face-to-face appointment is needed, this will be at a GP practice in the local area – this may not be at your own GP practice, but at another nearby. Within Chanctonbury these will be available at The Glebe Surgery in Storrington and/or at Steyning Health Centre sister site in Upper Beeding.

Enhanced Access sessions will be staffed by a mix of GPs, Practice Nurses, Health Care Assistants, and a Receptionist.

Because this is a shared resource, each practice has a fair share of appointments with each clinician. For that reason, appointments will not be able for patients to book themselves directly.

Please note access to our Enhanced Access hubs are by appointment only.

It is not a walk-in service, and the venue is not open for general practice enquiries. All requests still need to be made to practices during their normal opening hours (and able to be cancelled by the patient remotely).

Gp Access Hub Appointments

Evening and weekend GP and Nurse appointments are available through this service.
If you need more flexibility to see a health professional, appointments can be booked at a GP access hub which is booked through your GP surgery.

Conditions Included Are, but not limited to-

  • Chest and Throat Infections
  • Ear Pain/Discharge
  • Infection/Fever
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Skin Conditions
  • Urine tract Infections/Cystitis
  • Childhood Rashes/Thrush/Vaginal Discharge/Acute Back Pain
  • Morning After Pill
  • Diarrhoea/Constipation
  • Worsening Asthma due in Infection
  • Urgent appointments for new illness

**(But please note the appointment is not always at your gp surgery you may have to travel)**

GP Access Hub Appointment Info

Please click here for more information on this service

If a patient wishes to raise a complaint or just has any feedback about this service then please contact them on.

Home visits

  • Home visits – In cases of severe illness, infirmity, or emergencies, the GP may be able to visit the patient at home.  If you are too ill to attend please call the surgery on 01903 742942 before 10.30 am if possible.  You will be asked for a reason for the Home Visit so we can judge the urgency of the call. The doctor may phone before visiting to assess the urgency of the visit.